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Sep 8, 2022

Bill of Rights Institute and Hoover Institution Unveil Innovative New High School Economics and Civics Curriculum

Just in time for the 2022-2023 school year, the Bill of Rights Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University have launched a groundbreaking new curriculum that will help educators and students explore the intersection of economics and civic life in the United States. 

The Building Blocks of Progress is a full multimedia, blended learning experience consisting of 13 videos and six ready-to-use lesson plans. 

The Bill of Rights Institute and Hoover Institution are offering the curriculum free of charge to teachers, school districts, and homeschooling parents throughout the United States. 

Through The Building Blocks of Progress, students will have the opportunity to examine:

  • Key economic concepts, such as pricing, scarcity, and trade. 
  • The role of individuals, governments, and the rule of law in creating a free society and the conditions for economic prosperity. 
  • The relationship between economic principles and natural rights, such as free speech. 
  • The responsibilities and limitations placed on constitutional government in promoting economic health. 

"Hoover Institution research has affected public policy in the US and abroad, and just as important, our relationship with Stanford means countless students have learned about the benefits of a free society,” said Condoleezza Rice, director of the Hoover Institution. “Continuing in the spirit of its long history of student engagement, we are proud to announce The Building Blocks of Progress, a new project, that together with the Bill of Rights Institute, will offer educators an extensive resource of videos and supporting curriculum introducing students to the ideas of free people and free markets. History has been a witness to the benefits a free society bestows on its people – these ideas have been shown many times over to be the key elements to human prosperity.”

The Building Blocks of Progress represents the first curricular collaboration between the Bill of Rights Institute and the Hoover Institution. The Bill of Rights Institute is a Virginia-based nonprofit that teaches civics and history through market-leading curricula and educational experiences for teachers and students. 

The Hoover Institution, located at Stanford University, is committed to advancing public policy research, grounded in the commitment to preserving the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets. A key component to this effort is transferring the Institution’s knowledge about improving the human condition to younger generations.

“With The Building Blocks of Progress, the Bill of Rights Institute and Hoover Institution are providing an interdisciplinary resource that will ultimately help students deepen their knowledge of both economics and civics,” said Bill of Rights Institute President David Bobb. “The Building Blocks of Progress will be an indispensable tool for helping students understand how economic and civic principles and responsibilities affect our everyday lives as Americans.” 

The free The Building Blocks of Progress curriculum can be accessed at

View the official press release from the Bill of Rights Institute here: