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Lt Col Keith B. Miller

Lieutenant Colonel Keith B. Miller, representing the U.S. Army, was formerly a National Security Affairs Fellow for the academic year 2021-22 at the Hoover Institution.

Lieutenant Colonel Miller was commissioned as an Armor officer in 2001. Serving as a Cavalry Troop executive officer during the Invasion of Iraq and later as a reconnaissance commander during the surge. Following these deployments, Lieutenant Colonel Miller earned his Master’s Degree from the National Defense Intelligence College in 2010, transitioning to Strategic Intelligence; advising senior Department of Defense decision makers on strategic indications and warnings, threat analysis, and intelligence activities focusing on intentions, geography and military capabilities of foreign nations.

Since 2010, Lieutenant Colonel Keith Miller has served in multiple staff and leadership positions at several global combatant commands, most notably United States Special Operations (SOCOM), European Command (EUCOM), and Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).  Lieutenant Colonel Miller has extensive experience in unconventional warfare operations, transnational criminal organizations, and travel throughout Europe, Turkey and the post-Soviet States.

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