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Maximum Pressure: America’s Approach to North Korea

Terms You May Have Heard

Global nonproliferation: The goal of reducing the global spread of nuclear weapons.

Sunshine policy: South Korea’s foreign policy toward North Korea. The policy uses three principles aimed at easing relations between North and South Korea: South Korea will not try to absorb the North; they will not tolerate armed provocation from the North; and the South will actively seek reconciliation and cooperation.

Propaganda: Biased and misleading information aimed at promoting a political cause.

Kim family: North Korea’s ruling family since 1948.

Freeze-for-freeze agreements: Agreements made between the United States and North Korea where, in exchange for aid, North Korea agrees to temporarily freeze development of its nuclear weapons program until talks about a permanent such freeze are established. Many freeze-for-freeze agreements have been made, but they are typically broken by North Korea.

Sanctions: Penalties imposed on countries meant to incentivize obedience to laws, rules, or regulations.

Coercive diplomacy: The act of using threat or limited force to influence a country or group’s actions.