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The Fight to Defend the Free World Discussion

Why America Must Remain Engaged Abroad

What are some historical examples of US disengagement in foreign policy?


The United States failed to intervene in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

the US withdrawal from Afghanistan post cold war and the US withdrawal from vietnam are two disengagement policy of US in history. former leads to Taliban regime in Afghanistan and eventual attack on 9/11. the later has consequence that vietnam is now an ally of china. both are not ok for world.

First: No scholar, high school ed life long carpenter.

Reaching back to the 1950's, my opinion is we should have not let the fear of nuclear proliferation with Russia back us down from removing Castro as soon as we realized he was a Communist totalitarian.

What were the consequences of that fear and inaction?

A communist government 90 miles off our Florida coast.
Untold suffering for the Cuban people.
Spread of Socialism/Communism light through S and Central America, a tragedy for the entire continent and years of oppression of the peaceable people in all those countries.
S and Central America even today, with the open border policy of the Biden Admin now cause great strain on our country.
The consequences of this current surge of illegal immigrants is not yet fully known, what we do know is not good:
Human trafficking, rapes, murders, funding the cartels, flooding our border cities, spread of drugs and crime into our country, etc.

My Supposition: Cuba becoming Democratic in the 50's if not eliminating all this suffering of 70 years, at least mitigates it dramatically.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan- paved the way for Taliban control, which has led to a human rights crisis. Further, the withdrawal has strained some U.S. relationships with allies and splintered the domestic U.S.