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The Fight to Defend the Free World Discussion

Why America Must Remain Engaged Abroad

What do Americans stand for? What must American leaders defend?


We have the Constitutional Amendment's clear statements of some basic rights trying to assure other rights have a foundation to persist on. And there are many faiths that suggest how we might best RELATE to one another. And, of course, there are laws made to try to make things exist by a dominating influence that too often uses a negative input to generate it with. So, what seems to me to be the weakest, and even missing factor is the rubber meeting the road realizations of just what it takes to bring desired relations to life in a way that persists, even through struggles and failings. Most of it not only needs the desire, it needs the means that is a community of free will and other healthy relations with the resources required. Frankly, this is where I see the need for the use of even the Internet in the creation of competing institutions that can be freely chosen to guide people to an way which has a mutual understanding of the costs and means of all factors needed to achieve their desired goals, using the values the hold as proper, and how soon that reality can viably persist to exist. Some things only happen in God's heaven, yet we should try to express that we value that ways nature to live as best it might.