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Download the Toolkit

Download the Toolkit and Start Your Circle

How Do I Launch My Own Ben Franklin Circle?

You have the passion and the purpose. All you need now is the people and the protocol.
Browse and download our Toolkit and check out the six steps for starting a Ben Franklin Circle dedicated to personal and social change.


1. Pick a diverse membership

In 1727 Franklin formed the Junto, a weekly mutual-improvement club made up of individuals with an array of interests and skills. Founding father, master inventor: Benjamin Franklin was also a pioneer of self-improvement.

2. Find the right time and place

We recommend meeting once a month for a couple of hours. Choose a quiet, comfortable, inviting location.

3. Reach out to your members

Tell them why you’re starting a Ben Franklin Club. Send them a list of Franklin’s 13 virtues. Direct them to this site so they can learn more.

4. Review our toolkit as you prepare

Choose your club facilitator – it can be you or someone else. For facilitator criteria check out our tips for structuring your first meeting.

5. Kick off with a call to action

Pick your first virtue and send it to your members in advance. How does this virtue apply to their lives and the world?

6. Create a conversation-conducive space

Set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere. Let people know that what they say is confidential. Have food, have wine, have fun.