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Blueprint for America Discussion

Education and the Nation’s Future

Despite more funding, why hasn’t our education system improved in recent decades?


The real issue with American education is not quality. The entire education system has been taken over and funded to promote a socialist adjenda. Producing a younger generation of citizens who don't have a clue what the Constitution contains. Students are taught God, and morals are not important. Gender choice is promoted, even though it is a psychological disorder and should be treated as a mental illness. You cannot even hope to fix our economic system until the socialistic adjenda is removed from our education system and God and morals are reestablished. This must be done from grades K through 12 and especially in all of our public universities.

Sounds like you've fumbled upon the answer, Mr. Smith. Are you a teacher?

Totally agree. We must get anti education Repugs (like DeVos) out of our education system or they will completely dismantle it. God should not be part of education. Morals should. They are real and relevant an the imaginary god is not.

Oh by the way, I am a believer in Socialism.