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Blueprint for America Discussion

Education and the Nation’s Future

Why is it important to improve our education system?


In order to avoid being where we are now, in the future.

Our children can only succeed with the opportunity at hand when . Unfortunately there's a great environmental factor people don't take into account. An example, grade schools don't mandate life skills classes such as financial support for the adult life they will face. A simple budgeting class could be of more use than many realize because the more fortunate people get their first credit cards as teens unlike a children's in poverty who may work to live week to week yet a student loan, interest and balancing an account many times proves to be so overwhelming many young adults are forced to discontinue their pursue of a higher education. As a country we need to practice what we preach to our kids admit when we are wrong and think of how we can fix it. In the event we don't fix our schools we will only become dependent on other countries, more than we are due to our inability to keep up with the supply and demand of technological advances we fall short of our capabilities Or our best take jobs out of our country which I find frustrating they should have the same opportunities on our soil yet don't .