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Blueprint for America Discussion

Reforming The Tax Code
What can the government do to keep taxes as low as possible?


Stay within the confines of government as outlined in the Constitution of the United States. Quit wasting money on things that can be handled in the private sector. And can somebody explain to me why a shrimp on a treadmill and not my dinner plate has any governmental or scientific significance in any way shape or form? To be honest I live by the ocean and I have never ever ever ever witnessed a shrimp toting a treadmill back to the marsh.

Shrimp on a treadmill? Who tried that and got funded? Seriously, the government has funded lots of useless research, as well as overblown costs for military supplies, unnecessary pork construction projects. The answer seems to be in the flawed human condition. If there were such things as prudence and restraint among our leaders and administrators we could have a. carefully run government and lower taxes. We might even erase deficit spending. Too utopian for us today, unfortunately.