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Key Facts

Carbon Taxes: The Most Efficient Way to Reduce Emissions
Benefits of Carbon Tax
A more flexible way to reduce carbon pollution is to tax emissions of carbon, which would encourage consumers and producers to shift toward energy sources that emit less of it.
How To Reduce Carbon Emissions
The currents strategy to reduce carbon pollution focuses on regulations, mandates, and subsidies on how energy can be used. However, a better economic solution is to tax the carbon itself. Taxing carbon would incentivize consumers and producers to use energy sources that emit less of it.
Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax
Revenue neutral carbon tax will take all collected revenue and redistribute it to American taxpayers in the form of an annual dividend check. Moreover, revenue neutral carbon tax would reduce carbon emissions at a lower cost than today’s arbitrary and complex regulatory limits.
Lower Emissions And Cost
We know that when you tax something, you get less of it. This same principle applies to the carbon pollution problem we’re facing today.