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The Formula for Economic Growth
Why might some people choose not to participate in the labor force?


-They don't have qualifications
-They have depression, chronic fatigue, lack of will to live.
- they are caring for dependents
-they move/travel a lot/trying to find themselves.
-They have difficulty finding someone who will hire them because of who they are. (Gay, transgender, muslim, etc.)
-The thing they are passionate about doesn't have any good money making opportunities.

There are Mentally and physically able people that would rather just leach off the system as a career instead of putting in energy and time into an actual job. Why work if you can just set up your life sp you can qualify for medicaid or welfare? Even for people with reduced physical capability there are opportunities to get the education needed to improve oneself and attain work that is more suited to their needs.

People are choosing not to participate in the conventional work force partially because they are undervalued. They are not being paid what they are worth, the benefits are lacking and there is little to no respect/reward for their contribution to the success of the business, while managers and board members experience huge bonuses. The businesses would be surprised at how little their work force may find acceptable.

The myth that public assistance is enough to replace viable employment is weak and worthless. People on assistance have nothing but they have values and in a number of cases have done the math. If it costs more to work, for example 20 years ago a single parent needed to earn $11 an hour to place their child in daycare, pay for the worst housing and purchase a minimal amount of groceries. At the time the minimum wage was $7 an hour. The amount of time that you can receive a welfare check is limited. Supposedly, there are programs that assist recipients of welfare to work. In that industry as in all others the executives in the organization are skipping to the bank. While the program participants leave without as much as a job interview.

Then there is a growing percentage of the population that is caring for elderly family members, disabled family members (including children) and folk that find it more profitable to do odd jobs or projects than to work for the average $10 an hour.

We as a society need to pay everyone what they are worth and end the practice of living off of the backs of others. The poor excuses and lies to justify the current practices are sickening. The impact is to our economy, not just yours or mine, our.