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Intellections Discussion

Energy Efficiency: Our Best Source of Clean Energy

What can we continue to do to maintain or increase energy efficiency?


Create a country wide recycling system which would recycle everything, with collection centers at the same locations at which purchases are made. Regulation would force providers to invest in the collection of the waste from the products they sell. Recycling deposits would encourage the waste materials being turned in and the deposit refund could be applied to purchases at the point of sale. Staffing and operation would create millions of jobs.
Improve mass transit with localized transit routes for smaller buses. Subsidize a high speed rail or tube system from the east to west coast with links to major cities nationwide. Revamp automobile technology with a focus on smaller passenger vehicles using affordable, electric or alternative technologies.
Use LED lighting technology whenever possible. Improve appliance technology and extend life spans of appliances. In refrigerator design use modular components to increase serviceability and improve lifespan of the product. In cooking appliances use induction burner elements and the efficient design of cookware and convection/microwave technology.
In water heater design decrease cost and reliability of localized on demand water heaters, (1 per bathroom, 1 per kitchen, 1 per laundry) (use efficient construction methods where kitchen and bathrooms are located around a centralized utility closet) Improve battery technology, improve home insulation.
Do away with artificially created inflation, regulate Wall Street, reduce the size of the military, work for peace not for war. Legalize hemp for use in fabric, paper, insulation and other commercial uses. Legalize cannabis for medical and recreational uses. Encourage local distribution of food and resources whenever possible. Increase internet availability, support net neutrality and education via internet.
Provide single payer health care, regulate pharmaceutical pricing, develop improved mental health and drug addiction treatment (which may require a secure environment) Treat drug Addiction as a mental health issue and not as a criminal one. Encourage major energy efficiency initiatives in manufacturing, production and distribution.
Energy efficiency is important in the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, consumption. Consumption is directly linked to energy use, whether it is used to heat houses, provide transportation or deliver medical services.