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The Scholar Responds: Victor Davis Hanson On NATO

NATO For the 21st Century: Ensuring Liberal Democracy In Europe

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson responds to your questions related to NATO.

NATO was originally founded after World War II to ensure that liberal democracy survived in Europe. While the fall of the Soviet Union may have led many to question whether NATO is still necessary, its mission remains vital and relevant. NATO should resist the temptation to expand its geographic focus.

  1. :15 -   If NATO was created in part to keep Russia down, why is it still necessary after the fall of the Soviet Union?
  2. 2:56 - Should NATO play a role in countering global terrorism?
  3. 4:20 - Should NATO expand? What are its strategic goals and how should it conduct itself in the future?
  4. 5:53 - How much does NATO cost the United States and should it be contributing more or less?

Watch the original video “NATO For The 21st Century: Ensuring Liberal Democracy In Europe.”