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Key Facts

Party Instability: Why American Politics Feels Broken
Political Instability
American politics feels more chaotic and unstable than ever. Our political parties have sorted into ideological opposites.
Economic and Demographic Structural Changes
America’s political instability is occurring because of deep, ongoing economic and demographic structural changes that are causing existing voting blocs to regroup and reconsider which issues motivate them and which party they support. As a result, control of the legislative and executive branches keeps shifting back and forth.
Effect of Political Instability
Since the legislative and executive branches keeps shifting back and forth, the structural changes are affecting countries all over the world.
Winning Combination of Positions
Today, political parties are struggling to find a winning combination of positions on the challenges that are causing people to change political allegiances - including global trade, immigration, automation, access to health care, and inequality. Once one political party figures out a winning combination of policies that can consistently win them elections, political stability will return.