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Intellections Discussion

The Power of Education: Boosting Economic Growth in the Long Run
What can schools do to increase their students’ proficiency in math and reading?


We need to simplify the process. We need to explain the how and why our children need to know these things. I remember always asking why I needed to know something, the answers were not that great. I have worked with children and always tried to relate whatever we were doing to real life situations.
With math, take calculating.area. They would use it to figure out how much paint to buy to paint the rooms in your house, to calculate how much carpet to buy. I try to relate this to things they can see themselves doing in the future.
With reading, talk about the things adults do. Just about everything comes with instructions. I also point out there different types of reading. You can read for pleasure, read to learn something new ( instructions) or technical reading that maybe very detailed covering complicated topics.
Children are very intelligent, they know when you are trying to pull something on them.