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Ranked-Choice Voting: Capturing Voter Preferences

Here’s a Voting System That Would Have Counted All of California’s Super Tuesday votes

By L. Sandy Maisel and David W. Brady

If California voters had been allowed to rank multiple candidates on their ballot in order of their preference, as one state does, the real winner of the Super Tuesday primary held nearly two months [ago] would have been announced much sooner. And the preference of a majority of voters might surprise you. 

More than a third of the voters who opted for mail-in balloting chose candidates who dropped out before Super Tuesday, so their votes really did not count. But, under a system of “ranked-choice voting,” their second and third preferences would have been tallied in the final count. 

Our analysis shows that if votes were reallocated according to voter preference between the two remaining viable candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden would have prevailed over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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