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Rethinking The Green New Deal


Published on: January 30, 2020

The Green New Deal’s promises for revising energy policy come at an unprecedented cost. There are less disruptive methods of reducing greenhouse gases, such as a revenue-neutral carbon tax. By making the price of fossil fuels better reflect their negative side effects, carbon taxes would give consumers more of a reason to buy low-carbon alternatives.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What would it take to replace all gas-powered cars with zero-emission vehicles in the United States?
  2. How should Congress encourage progress toward the most cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions?

Additional resources:

  • Read “A Closer Look at the Left’s Agenda: Scientific, Economic, and Numerical Illiteracy on the Campaign Trail” by Michael J. Boskin, available here.
  • Read “The Green New Deal Is a Pipe Dream, Not a Serious Policy Proposal” by Lee Ohanian, available here.
  • Read “The Green New Deal and the Politics of pessimism” by David Davenport, available here.