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Intellections Discussion

Teacher Pay And Student Performance
Should teachers be paid based on performance?


It depends whose performance is being graded...the teacher or the students’? Teachers should not be paid based on his/her students’ performances like business managers might be paid based on his/her employees performances because teachers have no say in who they teach like a business manager has say in who is hired. Teachers should be evaluated on their performance based on how they execute lessons, quality of the lessons, and classroom management, as a bare minimum. In addition, examples of timely and appropriate feedback to students should be included because the feedback is what helps students learn. Promptness to work and absences should be taken into account as appropriate. Other than that, teachers can be given extra credit points for the amount of unpaid volunteer time they give for extracurricular activities like clubs, etc. Those activities take away from a teacher’s family time and from planning and grading. However, those activities can be very useful in forming relationships with students. Teachers should never be evaluated on anything other than what is necessarily provided for his/her students.