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Just the Fracts Discussion

Getting the Fracts Straight

Modern hydraulic fracturing dates back to the mid-1990’s, when George P. Mitchell revolutionized the industry by developing the horizontal drilling and fracturing method.  This increased the yield of production without needing to add additional well-heads, which helps to preserve the landscape and the environment surrounding well fields. But the advent of hydraulic fracturing dates back to the post-Civil War era when Col. Edward Roberts applied for and received a patent for his improvement in exploding torpedoes in artesian oil wells.  This technique increased the production of oil by 1,200%, but also led to wells collapsing.  Throughout the early to mid-1900’s, companies perfected Roberts’ initial technique, later using fluids and gels to crack the surrounding rock rather than explosives. But the process wasn’t widely used commercially until Mitchell’s advancement of horizontal drilling. Given this history of hydraulic fracturing and the fact that the environmental movement has been strongly anti-fossil fuels for a generation, why do you think the technique has become so controversial over the last decade-plus?




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The controversy can be compared to recent elections, where facts don't actually matter.
With social media, an entirely new sociology and policy dilemma develops

Once a public opinion exists, it has a life of its own and cannot bee easily managed. It is never completely eliminated.