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Q&A: Nationalism, Globalism, and Illiberalism


Published August 24, 2022

How do nationalism and globalism manifest in governments, and are they inherently illiberal? How do countries use nationalism and globalism? Why do many people prefer nationalism over globalism?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Does nationalism reflect a country’s good aspects or negative ones?
  2. Are nationalism and globalism separate phenomena or are they two sides of the same coin?

Additional Resources:

  • Read “Forging New Leaderships for the Atlantic World,” by Kiron Skinner, James Jay Carafano, and Daniel Kochis via the National InterestAvailable here.
  • Watch “Nationalize or Not?: Matthew Continetti and Chris DeMuth Debate the Future of Conservatism,” with Peter Robinson. Available here.
  • Read “Globalists Try to Sell ‘European Unity,’” by Bruce Thornton via Frontpage MagAvailable here.