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What Is the Fundamental Role of the Military?


Published December 9, 2021

H. R. McMaster explains the role of the military and how it can prevent war. He addresses the challenges veterans face when reintegrating into society and offers an alternative way of thinking about veterans with combat trauma. McMaster stresses the importance of war being oriented toward a “just end.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the situation in Afghanistan compare to America’s involvement in other wars?
  2. How has the United States perceived its adversaries’ interests, goals, intentions, and capabilities?

Additional Resources:

  • Watch H. R. McMaster’s video series Battlegrounds: International Perspectives on Crucial Challenges to Security and Prosperity. Available here.
  • Watch H. R. McMaster’s video series The Fight to Defend the Free World. Available here.
  • Watch “Deterrence by Denial: The Taiwanese Example,” with H. R. McMaster. Available here.