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Facts At Your Fingertips

Addressing the Housing Crisis
Preventing New Housing

Although many housing policies were created to promote safe and appropriate construction projects, they now inhibit housing growth. Strict zoning rules are used to stop all new construction, while environmental laws have given lawyers the power to file frivolous lawsuits that stifle development.

Hurting Low- and Middle-Income Families
When current homeowners use housing policies to delay or halt new construction, their property values rise dramatically as housing demand outpaces supply. This makes it difficult for low- and middle-income families to afford buying or renting a home.
Job Mobility
With few housing options, workers are left with little incentive to move to locations where they would earn more and be more productive. Relaxing land-use rules would lead to the creation of more housing options and to higher wages, more job opportunities, and higher standards of living.
Adding Housing While Protecting the Environment
By stopping frivolous environment lawsuits, changing zoning rules to encourage more multiuse buildings and multifamily housing, and rewriting land-use rules to make it easier to build new cities, we can create more economic opportunities for American families and a growing economy for all.