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Perspectives on Policy Discussion

Free Market Environmentalism

Can government and markets work together to create effective solutions for sustainability?



Yes. Carbon currency is one example. Government focuses on carbon tax strategy to reduce CO2 emissions with a populist ideal to eliminate all fossil fuel. Carbon tax unequally applies revenue resulting in outcome like yellow vest protests. What’s needed is equality for CO2 sinks, removal and or mitigation
of CO2 from atmosphere at the same rate per ton. If at on tax is $60.00 per ton then removal and mitigation should also be $60 per ton. Two technologies come to mind.
1. Reduce CO2 emissions using technology.
2. Removal of CO2 from atmosphere using technology
If equal value exchange of CO2 then business would be incentivized to develop and deploy CO2 mitigation solutions. Consumers would benefit from reduced ever in n reading carbon tax while business earns ROI to pay investors, employees, and owners. Government benefits by reduced cost and effort to solve CO2 atmospheric concentrations