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The Danger of American Isolationism

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives houses many collections. Founded in 1919 by Herbert Hoover, the Library & Archives is among the world’s most important repositories for unique archival materials and rare publications on political, social, and economic change in the modern era.

The Hoover Archives specializes primarily in unpublished materials (personal papers, sound recordings, posters, etc.). With nearly 1 million volumes and more than 6,000 archival collections from 171 countries, Hoover supports a vibrant community of scholars and a broad public interested in the meaning and role of history.

America First Committee Records collection

The collection of the America First Committee Records contains a plethora of visual, audio, and written documentation surrounding American neutrality in World War II. Contents of the collection include speeches, photographs, newsletters, campaign literature, and more. Retrieval requests should be placed through an Aeon account with a scheduled date of use. Users must submit requests at least two days in advance, as not all materials are immediately available. Users may check their Aeon account to find out when materials are available and on hold for use. 

America First Committee Photos and Posters

Several photos and posters showcasing the America First Committee are available to be viewed online through Hoover’s digital portal. The posters provide unique insights into the American isolationist and neutrality movement during World War II.