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Behind the Data

America’s Exceptional Work Ethic
Average Hours Worked in G7 Nations
Why is America such a desirable country for so many people? More people participate in the labor force in the United States, and they work longer hours than those in other countries.
Average Schooling in G7 Nations
Another factor that makes America desirable is the educational opportunities it offers. The United States invests heavily in education and human capital. As shown in the graph, America has lead other developed countries in terms of average levels of schooling for many decades.
Percent of Movers in the Population
Another aspect of American exceptionalism is America’s mobile workforce. Americans are willing to relocate for better employment and economic opportunities.
California's Population Change
California’s population started off very low but that quickly changed as it created jobs and offered more economic opportunities. After World War Two, the population of California increased rapidly, maintaining an upward trend up until the Great Recession, where it plateaued.
African American Population of Detroit
The population growth of Detroit’s African-American population mirrors the general population rise of California, showing that cities like Detroit attracted a sizeable African-American population because of economic opportunities available in manufacturing. This willingness to move where there were opportunities is an American phenomenon, which does not happen as often elsewhere in the world.
Population of Urban South
This graph shows the population increase of the urban south. Southern urban centers have expanded at an even, steady pace since the turn of the century, though Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and Dallas have expanded more rapidly than New Orleans, San Antonio, and Memphis did.
Job Mobility in the US
Aside from geographic mobility, the US also has job mobility in its workforce. This graph illustrates the amount of turnover and job mobility in the U.S. economy, with people entering and leaving jobs constantly. This kind of mobility is a sign of a vibrant labor market that is almost unique to the United States.