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Blueprint for America Discussion

Transformational Health Care Reform
What can be done in order to make private insurance affordable for all?


Get government out of the way and allow competition to work. A good example is the Dollar Shave Club. I've recently started seeing commercials by Gillette about reducing costs and increasing quality. The level of competition that they were dealing with before had a negligible result on their bottom line. The number of true competitors wasn't large enough to truly drive cost down. Now with multiple clubs that one can simply sign up and have their stuff shipped to their house Gillette needed to find a way to regain market share. This is causing them to lower their prices increase their quality and actually pay attention to the customer. Business is business the insurance costs , when companies are forced to compete, will be driven down.

What about poor and disabled? I'm both.

The most cost effective health coverage is single-payer universal health care with affordable copays. Allow the insurance companies to prove insurance to cover copayment.

We currently pay more than any industrialized nation, and we get less benefits.

Kaiser Family Foundation estimates 25% have a preexisting condition. Assuming a population of 300,000,000, 75,000,000 would have a preexisting condition. Assume monthly cost of $200 a month for those without a preexisting condition and $300 a month for a preexisting condition. The cost per each would be. $45,000,000,000 + $22,500,000,000 = $67,500,000,000 divided by 300,000,000 = $225 per month premium for each citizen.