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Change: Can it be good for everyone? | Chapter 13

It's A Wonderful Loaf

A whimsical animated short film based on Russ Robert's poem about emergent order and the supply of bread. It's a Wonderful Loaf is an ode to the hidden harmony that is all around us--the seeming magical ways that we anticipate and meet the needs of each other without anyone being in charge.

Overcoming Our Crisis of Confidence in Democracy

From political upheaval and disinformation to rising inequality, an array of challenges threatens confidence in our democracy. Yet today’s crises are not new, as they frequently come about when the government fails to deliver what ordinary citizens value most: social order, economic prosperity, and international peace. To restore trust, party leaders on all sides must act decisively to meet the problems of the day.

Why Do Some Democracies Survive While Others Fail?

New democracies fail when leaders violate the rule of law and use extraconstitutional actions to stay in power. During the Glorious Revolution, England established a Bill of Rights that limited royal authority and made it clear that maintaining the throne required sovereigns to protect the rights of the people. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights echoed these ideas and ensured the protection of individual liberties.