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Equality: How can we make sure prosperity is widely shared? | Chapter 9

A Case For Free Markets

One benefit of the free-enterprise system is that it prevents anyone from having too much power. Free markets encourage individual initiative by allowing competition from even the smallest of producers. Competition keeps the playing field even.

Why Communism Failed and Liberal Democracy Prospered

Liberal democracy triumphs where communism fails because it limits the government’s ability to make important decisions on behalf of its citizens. Communism undermines individual choice by putting government power before individual rights. Liberal democracy successfully balances individual rights with majority rule. By respecting and protecting equality and fundamental rights, liberal democracy allows humans to thrive.

How to Make Housing More Affordable

What makes housing expensive? The problem isn’t lack of space—it is that not enough homes are being built. Housing can be made more affordable by reducing regulations and restrictions on building houses and allowing non-homeowners more of a say in how their community will look.