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A Case For Free Markets


Published: June 30, 2020

One benefit of the free-enterprise system is that it prevents anyone from having too much power. Free markets encourage individual initiative by allowing competition from even the smallest of producers. Competition keeps the playing field even

Discussion Questions

  1. What incentives does the free-market economy offer?
  2. How would a free-market economy be described?

Additional Resources

  • Listen to “Equality and Freedom in the Free Enterprise System,” available here.
  • Read “The Case for Free Trade” by Milton Friedman and Rose D. Friedman, available here.
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In my opinion, the strongest argument for free enterprise is that it prevents anybody from having too much power. 

Whether that person is a government official, a trade union official, or a business executive. 

It forces them to put up or shut up. 

They either have to deliver the goods, produce something that people are willing to pay for, willing to buy, or else they have to go into a different business.