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Who Pays Corporate Taxes?


Published August 18, 2021

Who bears the cost of corporate taxes? Many people believe corporate taxes do not affect individuals. But ultimately they are paid for by a combination of consumers, stockholders, and workers. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is a corporate tax?
  2. How are corporations taxed differently?

Additional Resources

  • Watch as Milton Friedman discusses corporate taxes. Available here.
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There is talk about how “we’re not going to raise taxes on people; we’re going to raise it on business, on corporations.” 

Business can’t pay taxes. A business isn’t a person. 

Only people can pay taxes. 

A corporate executive may write the check, he may sign his name to it but who’s paying? 

It either comes from the costumers or it comes from the workers or it comes from the stakeholders. 

Where else can it come from?