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The Human Prosperity Project Discussion

Socialism and Free-Market Capitalism: The Human Prosperity Project

After the experience of socialism in the twentieth century, why do you think socialism continues to appeal to many people?


Socialism is an direct reaction to the perceived oppressive "Big forms" of "Entities" which are interpreted in many forms as an reaction and symptoms of protest, resentment and outrage.
Proponents of socialism isn't our rational and calm-minded groups of people, they are individuals fueled with anger towards their own failures to perform up to what society and capitalism demands them to do, allowing hatred to cloud the thinking minds to be ideologically possessed by new philosophies which attempts to "rescue" indivduals and collective groups of people who could not "keep up" with the system of capitalism which systematic dispossess the bottom 20% of the value hierarchy which are further expropriated by the rapid technological advancement and development of computer science and digitalized automation.
Robotic and mechanistic innovations are seens as threats due to it's efficiency in displacing traditional forms of work which amass a high number of lowly educated workers that fail to catch up to higher level of education required for new forms of job criteria that only accept technological savvy or equipped individuals.
The older generation being hit the worse by their inability to catch up to learn via education or on the job together with the generation as a whole slowly became to distrust the system which capitalism promise to deliver prosperity and stability of jobs too.
Sudden disruption caused by technological innovations creates enormous amounts of displacement, social unrest and distrust, the distrust and resentment are channeled towards self-vicitmization as characterized by the democrats (left) and Elite Institutions in the Universities, and the formation and uprising of Minorities and Victimized tribal groups that Socialism advocates to be a safety philosophical and ideological net that promotes social justice (Socialism) under Marxism that pushes the blame to the top 1% (Government, Wall Street, Pharmaceuticals, Beaurocracy, Big Banks, Major Corporation) as a sign of protest and movement to stop the "perceived oppression" and the collective people as the "oppressed victim".
The important distinction is to note that the perception of the people does not have to be precise and accurate, and because it is not an precise or accurate diagnosis with confusion thus the disgruntlement of groups and uprising could be observed, Crowds like what Gustave Le Bon have geniusly described are incapable of intellectual reasoning and are motivated by an destructive and violent cause in rebellion towards authority, competency and power structure.
Repeated noise drowning and mindless chants are caricuture of "crowds" with "negative emotions" and "percevied morally righteous cause" as motivators to take actions with equalizing effect to level the society through systematic and planned violence, hate speech, censorship via deplatforming, control of language via redefining linguistic terms and accusation before the issue of verdict.
Resentment and hate is an powerful emotion often taken advantage by the disfranchised which translates to activism of any sorts, it's extremely appealing and aphrodisiacistic in it's ideological possession, together with it's camaderie and brotherhood with fellow victims and the oppress, uprising with the intend to replace capitalism via genocide is inevitable in it's obvious outcome.
Unfortunately, the democrats have bought over the majority of the America Mainstream Media funded by billionaires to spread disinformation, politically correct game of promoting tribalism against each category and group, and it's Smear Campaign to Republicans or any proponents of Individual Liberty, responsibility, traditional american and family values over their personal gains.
Oversocialization by the america education system promotes a culture of white-guilt that was systematically promoted by portraying Europe and the White as "morally bad people", colonizers, imperialists which also promotes self disdain to blame themselves being part of the History, hate towards america culture, identity and the replacement of Christian-Judeo Values with Secularism, atheism and relativistic humanism during the 1800s Engligtenment Age till the modern 20th century.
Objective morality are thrown out of the window and replaced with Hedonistic pleasures centered around the desires of the self which results in Relative morality, there is not "True meaning or direction in life" since God does not exist, anything permits and are understood through Science and Human Intellect, Humans are merely atoms and matter created out of nothing, human dignity and sacredness are reduced into merely animal and atoms.
Socialism are directly compatible with the Self and Individualism as the emerging arbiter of Truth against all forms of Authority, competency and power, to be tribal yet and let the world burn in hell together with them, Mass equalization and redistribution of wealth to achieve utopia of equal poverty is better than a few people situated on the top enjoying their wealth and riches.
Envy, strive and jealously with indignation are the cause, it's corrosive seductive nature and evil nature of the human heart once again have emerge in the 20th century, now in a worse, harder to stop technological form.