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The Human Prosperity Project Discussion

Socialism and Free-Market Capitalism: The Human Prosperity Project

Capitalism is often criticized for creating unequal societies. What kind of inequality exists in socialist economies?


Capitalism have highly influenced and shaped our culture and the way we think of relationships from an individual to the other, towards our community, extending to the state and federal government level.
Essentially Capitalism addresses the problem of material necessity by providing an fair means of production motivated by mutually benefitting mechanism of transaction and trade between 2 individuals or representing parties of their organisation, companies or corporation which the value of either the service or goods are dictated by the demands of the market and people under and contributing to this system.
The problem of capitalism is that it's mechanistic and amoral, it neither address people's moral and emotional needs at the deeper spiritual level of values and beliefs, once the basic necessities of food, shelter and safety have been met as layed out by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, meaningful activities outside of the means of superficial and materialistic values of production are influenced and dictated under another new form of government, currency and value of money.

The furtherence of oligopoly and monopoly via the amassment of wealth (First World Countries' problem) are inaccurately analysed both incorrectly by advocates of Marxism, socialism and capitalist alike to attribute to a simple low resolution "Material and Wealth Inequality".

The real problem and complaint are due to the technological advancement of big data and AI, it's direct consequence and exploitation of individuals information in the form of data without personal consent, conscious ability or option to have the rights to "Privacy", cybersecurity and illegal trading of highly sensitive information of high profile individuals are used as malicious misinformation and smear campaigns without appropriate form of digital safeguard and antiquated policies that have corruptedly been bought off by lobbylist groups and globalist with Centrist and Totalitarian World Government Order ideology and power control in mind.

If digital privacy laws and cybersecurity are actively being ignored and intentionally overlooked at, the 1984 George Orwellian dystopian surveillance and doublethink state propogated and influenced by China's Social Credit System would soon overtake Western democracy and Individual Liberty of Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Socialist economies like Venezuela facing collapse from Maduro are quickly adopting digitalization of governance by trying out digital wallets and platforms to hold currency and currency and also exploring cryptocurrency as an alternative with it's failing centrally planned economy.

The real problem and issue isn't inequality, the real problem is individual dignity, encroachment of privacy, and the uncontrollable growth of government, central control and affliation of banks and it's legacy form of currency control and regulation that self-restrict innovation and freedom of creativity for the idea of an alternative means and forms of transaction.

Big data and AI is Totalitarian and Communist, Cryptocurrency is Libertarian and Anarchy.

Reframe the question, reframe the thought, reframe the ideas and the binary arguments on Capitalism VS Socialism, Democrat VS Republican, there's more to it that mets the eye, what's unconventional and unpopular today is what's may be conventional tomorrow.