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Key Takeaways

Why Communism Failed and Liberal Democracy Prospered
The Experiences of Communism and Liberal Democracy

Karl Marx claimed that communism would inevitably triumph over liberal democracy. Yet time after time liberal democracies have delivered unprecedented freedom and wealth to their citizens, while communist countries decayed into impoverished dictatorships.

What Liberal Democracy Preserves

The successful balance of individual rights and majority rule allows liberal democracies to pass laws that reflect the preferences and judgments of the people while preserving individual freedom and equality under the law.

Communism’s Promise of Limited Choice

Communism tasks government officials with making most decisions about economics, society, and politics.

Liberal Democracy and Decision Making

Liberal democracies believe that individuals, whatever their flaws, are generally better able to act in their own interests.

Liberal Democracy and Human Nature

While liberal democracies aren’t perfect, their dedication to this conviction has delivered prosperous communities and nations where individuals can flourish.