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Misty Kuhl, Aaniiih


“It is vital to exercise our right to make choices for ourselves and our communities. Renewed indigenous economies provide a foundation to build our freedoms.”

Misty Kuhl, Aaniiih 
Director, Native American Outreach, Rocky Mountain College

Misty Kuhl is a member the Fort Belknap Indian Community, a first-generation college graduate, and the director of Native American Outreach at Rocky Mountain College. Passionate about serving Indian Country, Misty spent several years working with tribal communities in New Mexico as a probation officer, then nationally as a director with the Native American Alliance Foundation. She has also served as tribal liaison and field representative for Montana’s at-large congressman. Kuhl is a board member of Montana’s American Indian Council of Education; the Montana governor’s Board of Advisors for Native American Domestic Violence and Review; and ACE Scholarships’ Indian Advisory Board.