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Carbon Taxes: The Most Efficient Way to Reduce Emissions
How much revenue might a carbon tax raise?


I read that big business doesn't want the tax because it would eat onto profit, is that a correct statement? That would mean, a carbon tax would not generate much in the way of revene, if that statement is correct. Personally, I like the idea, (take what you need, use what you take, pay for your consumption). I also think, big business would be more creative with what they take , so as to improve the bottom line.

If you create the pollution, cleaning it up should be part of production costs. This would give more advantages to pollution-free solutions to creating the same amount of energy. The EPA is based on this principle.

A carbon tax would be natural, as described. It would only tax the offenders according to the amount of the offense. Authorities suggest the money would be disturbed to nonoffenders all over the USA. This Idea would not be welcome by the offenders but also may change their minds to correct the current usage to a more efficient way to operate.