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What was America in One Room?

America in One Room was a historic gathering of five hundred American voters who participated in nonpartisan discussions about the major issues of the 2020 presidential election. The participants were carefully selected to form an accurate, representative sample of the entire American electorate in all its political, cultural, and demographic diversity.

Over the course of the event, the delegates learned about the issues; deliberated amongst themselves in a thoughtful, civil, and substantive fashion; and had town-hall discussions directly with presidential candidates. Their views on the issues and the relative merits of the candidates were documented and shared with the public, candidates, and policy makers, giving a clearer, more balanced, and more informed idea of the political landscape.

To learn more about America in One Room, visit the Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy.

Can deliberative democracy help depolarize America?

Listen to Larry Diamond and James Fishkin discuss the results of their 2019 experiment in Deliberative Polling, America in One Room, and their plans to scale up democratic deliberation as a tool to inform and depolarize our democracy.