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The Scholar Responds: John Cochrane On Economic Growth

Growth is Good: Why Slow Growth Can’t be the New Normal


Hoover Institution Senior Fellow John H. Cochrane responds to questions related to economic growth.

1) 0:32 - What's the problem with economic growth?
2) 1:45 - What's the difference between 2% and 3% growth?
3) 2:34 - Won't we eventually run out of resources if we keep growing?
4) 3:38 - With more and more automation, won't we eventually run out of jobs?
5) 4:24 - Doesn't deregulation mean less safety?
6) 5:10 - Why is the U.S. growing so slowly?

Watch the original video 'Growth is Good: Why Slow Growth Can't Be The New Normal' which discusses how America’s economy is growing at half the rate it used to. Slow growth rates have enormous effects on the quality of life over long periods of time. Getting back to rapid economic growth will alleviate budgetary problems, increase paychecks, and lead to widely shared prosperity.