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Intellections Discussion

Keeping Health Insurance Affordable
Do we have a moral obligation to provide health insurance to everyone in America?


Of course we have a moral obligation to provide health to everyone in the United States; health care should be a right rather than a privilege that only some income levels can afford. As such, it should be paid for with an increase in taxes on higher-income individuals/families/corporations.

You realize that even by the way you frame this as a question you rhetorically beg the question and lead the reader to think they came up with your prompt on their own, right? Of course you do, you‘re a clever guy.
Seriously?!? Let me turn it around... who are you going to let die a preventative death because they we’re born rich enough? Who? My friend? My elderly mother? My buddy’s sick kid? Your friend? Your mom? Oh wait... it probably won’t be your mom, will it now?

We are not a third world country. We can afford for every citizen to be healthy and fed. It's a matter of priorities.