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The Scholar Responds: Kori Schake On Making Empty Threats in Foreign Policy

No Empty Threats: Establishing Credibility in Foreign Affairs

Hoover Institution Fellow Kori Schake responds to questions related to the making of empty threats in foreign policy.

1. 0:16 – What role does reputation play in foreign policy?
2. 0:42 – Are empty threats another way to call for military action?
3. 2:15 – Why did the Trump Administration use military force in Syria?
4. 3:32 – When is it okay for the United States to act unilaterally?
5. 6:02 – Can following through on threats destabilize a whole region?

Watch the original video 'No Empty Threats: Establishing Credibility in Foreign Affairs' which discusses how often our words can replace the need for action in foreign affairs, but only if our allies and enemies believe what we say. Strength and diplomacy don’t happen without credibility. That comes from following through on what we’ll say do and never making empty threats.