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Giving Patients Control Over Their Health Care

Consider other types of insurance you have purchased or might purchase in the future. Are they typically high deductible plans or low deductible plans and do you think you get more for your money and better insurance services from them relative to your health insurance plan?



I typically find higher deductible plans make more sense for my needs.
Generally I try to get better coverage, while inheriting the risk of the larger deductible.
In this manner, I feel I get more for my money.

I prefer a high deductible, lower monthly premium. I just want something there to cover major health issues that are unlikely to happen, but that I couldn;t afford if they did.
In other words, share the risk with other people that are in a similar risk group.

We have a lower deductible plan, and for us this has panned out, meaning that the two major surgeries my wife had last year were covered completely after paying our very low deductible. The issue I take with the lesson, is that yes HSA are transportable but they only work for people who have discretionary income at all. When you're living pay check to pay check, a low deductible and employer provided healthcare are a must.

Insurance is a necessary evil. High deductible so I can afford it then I keep my fingers crossed that don't need it. All types of insurance premiums are out of control. Used to be so much more affordable, but them Upper admin probably weren't making multimillion dollar salaries either....