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The Scholar Responds: Kori Schake On Defining Political End States

Think Before You Act: Defining The Political End State

Hoover Institution Fellow Kori Schake explains what it means to clearly define a political end state in foreign policy.

1) 0:17 – What does a clearly defined political end state mean?
2) 0:47 – Why is it important to define the end state in a conflict?
3) 1:22 – Does having an end state presume military action?
4) 1:51 – Should free societies be open about their strategies?
5) 3:38 – Can you give an example of a clearly stated political end state?

Watch the original video 'Think Before You Act: Defining the Political End State in Military Conflicts' that discussess how when we decide we need to take military action, how do we make sure we do it right? Whether it’s fighting against ISIS in the Middle East, driving the Iraqis out of Kuwait, or confronting the Axis Powers in World War II, every military campaign should start with a very clear idea of how we want the situation to end – what we call a “clearly defined political end state.”