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Key Facts

Toward a World Free From Nuclear Weapons
Envisioning a Nuclear-Free World
There is a worldwide effort underway to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons. While the United States and Russia must take the lead, they have to be joined by other nuclear-armed and nuclear-capable nations, like China, the United Kingdom, India, and Pakistan.
Making Dreams Become Reality
Eliminating nuclear weapons may sound like an impossible dream, but there are three key steps that could help mitigate the factors that drive nations to possess nuclear weapons.
Focusing on the New START Treaty
As agreed upon in the New START treaty, the United States and Russia can reaffirm their commitment to further reducing their nuclear stockpiles. They can also show the world that reducing nuclear weapons is an ongoing priority by extending the New START treaty another five years.
A Joint Effort
Nuclear-armed countries should agree on rules regarding new types of warfighting in the space, cyber, and artificial intelligence arenas, for example, to help prevent nuclear escalation. Ensuring that mistakes and misinterpretations don’t lead to unintended consequences has always been a critical aspect of arms-control agreements. If we all commit to these steps, we will be even closer to a nuclear-free world.