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Toward a World Free From Nuclear Weapons

What is the New START treaty?

The New START treaty is an agreement between the United States and Russia that calls for the reduction of nuclear arms. The treaty was signed in 2010 and went into effect in 2011. The New START treaty is set to expire in 2021, but national leaders may extend it until 2026.

How many nations have nuclear weapons?

Currently, eight countries possess nuclear weapons: the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia, Pakistan, India, and, more recently, North Korea. Moreover, it is widely believed Israel has them, although they have neither confirmed nor denied the claim.

Does the spread of nuclear weapons make the world safer or more dangerous?

The spread of nuclear weapons does not make the world safer. For instance, the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons, but that did not deter them from engaging in regional conflicts. Likewise, Pakistan and India also have nuclear weapons but have still engaged in armed conflict. Since renewed nonproliferation efforts are critical for the safety of the human race, a firm commitment from major world powers is required for widespread denuclearization to occur.