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Latinos, Immigrants, and Elections with David Leal

Majority-minorityMajority-minority refers to a population in which more than half of its members are represented by social, ethnic, or racial minorities, with fewer members than half among the more socially, politically, or financially dominant group.

AcculturationAcculturation is process of learning and incorporating the values, attitudes, language, customs, and behaviors of a new country.

Illegal immigration: Illegal immigration refers to the migration of individuals into a country in ways that violated the country’s immigration laws. It also refers to situations where individuals enter the country legally but overstay their visas. 

Electorate: An electorate is a body of people allowed to vote in an election. Being a part of the electorate gives its members a chance to elect, or choose, whom they want to represent them in government.

Political polarization: Polarization is the divergence of political attitudes toward ideological extremes. Due to the vast and growing gap between liberals and conservatives, polarization has become a defining feature of American politics today.