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How Dangerous Are Cyberattacks? Office Hours with Jackie Schneider

How Dangerous Are Cyberattacks? Office Hours with Jackie Schneider

Published April 8, 2021

Hoover Fellow Jackie Schneider follows up on your questions about the danger of cyberattacks from her PolicyEd video.

  1. [0:44] In your video you point out that cyberattacks haven’t yet led to physical harm, but is that always going to be the case? We’re moving to a world with the “internet of things.” What sort of vulnerabilities might occur in the future that could lead to actual harm?
  2. [2:01] Can you paint a picture for us on what active cyber warfare would look like from both civilian and military perspectives? If we were to enter a conflict with state actors like Russia, China or Iran, what would their cyberattacks look like?
  3. [4:11] How can the public recognize foreign interference in cyberspace, especially misinformation campaigns? [5:46] And do you have advice for how people can better protect themselves?
  4. [6:49] Should we be worried about the government collaborating with private companies on the issue of cybersecurity? Are there privacy concerns that outweigh potential benefits?
  5. [8:16] In your video, you mention “pre-emptively degrading” the capabilities of our adversaries in cyberspace. Why isn’t that treated as an act of war or at least a source of conflict in international relations? And what does that look like?


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