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Office Hours: Lee Ohanian Answers Your Questions on Sweden and Socialism

Office Hours: Lee Ohanian on Sweden and Socialism


Hoover Institution senior fellow Lee Ohanian answers frequently asked questions from his video "Sweden's Experiment with Socialism."

  1. 0:20 - Is Sweden a socialist country?
  2. 4:40 - Does democratic socialism mean something different from socialism?
  3. 7:30 - What countries now, or in the past, could accurately be described as socialist?
  4. 10:12 - What are the disadvantages of capitalism and how do they compare to the advantages of socialism?
  5. 15:26 - Is there more equality in socialist countries than in more capitalist countries? Aren't people more equal in socialist countries than capitalist countries?

Watch the original video, “Lee Ohanian on Sweden's Experiment with Socialism.”