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Reducing the Cost of Health Care
Purpose of Healthcare Reform

The main objective of health care reform is to broaden access to quality care. Instead of expanding government programs and subsidies, the direct pathway rests on reducing the cost of care itself.

How To Lower Cost and Improve Care
Eliminating harmful regulations will lower cost and improve quality.
Equipping Consumers

If consumers have the ability to compare prices, providers will have to compete and lower overall costs. In fact, studies from MRI and outpatient surgery show that when patients are motivated to compare prices, prices come down by almost twenty percent.

Health Savings Accounts

A highly effective tool to motivate patients to consider price is large, liberalized health savings accounts (HSAs), which incentivize saving.

Increase Supply of Medical Services

Increasing the supply of medical services is another way to stimulate competition. In large part, this means removing barriers like unnecessary scope-of-practice limits on qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Creating Incentives, Removing Harmful Regulations
High quality care can become affordable for everyone if we create incentives and eliminate harmful regulations to reduce prices.