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America Off Balance

The nation is quickly approaching a fiscal disaster. Without major reforms, future government spending will far exceed future revenues. This fiscal imbalance threatens future generations. It will mean fewer economic opportunities and resources available for national security and infrastructure. Despite this reality, few Americans seem concerned and many are unaware of the problem.


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The federal debt is a risk to our future. The nation’s growing debt will weaken our economy and threaten our safety and security. Unfortunately, politicians either avoid the issue or suggest reforms that sound good but can’t solve the problem. There is a way forward if we act soon.


Look at popular options to control the debt. How much would we need to raise taxes or cut spending to keep the debt at sustainable levels? Most solutions discussed are insufficient, and the solutions that would improve the outlook are larger and more painful than we would like to admit.


Take control of the federal budget. See how particular budget or economic changes affect future debt levels and how general changes to spending or revenue alter the fiscal landscape. Alter economic assumptions, change annual spending, enact hundreds of different budget policies, or change how programs will grow.


A weekly feature of in-depth analysis and commentary on the federal budget that takes a look at the most commonly discussed reforms of the day.