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Redefining Energy Security

What does it mean to be energy independent?

When a country can produce enough of its own energy to meet its demands, then it is energy independent.

Why is energy independence important?

Energy independence is important because it affects foreign politics. Nations that export the resources used to create electricity to other nations gain more political leverage than nations that rely on imported fuels to meet their demands. If a nation refuses to sell oil to other nations, those nations may suffer due to lack of fuel to meet their domestic needs.

Why should the US be concerned about energy security when it has achieved energy independence?

Energy security maximizes and leverages the US energy strength on a global scale. Among many other benefits, energy security is an international tool that the US can use to neutralize geopolitical threats by shifting its energy resources abroad to its allies without having to use military force. Moreover, energy security ensures reliable, resilient, and affordable energy that is available even in time of duress.