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Trade And Immigration
Why is there an anti-immigration sentiment when immigration is promoting economic growth?


There is not an anti-immigration sentiment. There is an anti illegal immigration sentiment. This is supposed to be a nation of laws and by being here illegally they have broken one or more of those laws. Illegal immigration is also a drain on the system, think schools- medical care and unpaid taxes, undercuts wages and reduces the ability to weed out those who carry potentially harmful diseases and criminals. The only way immigration promotes economic growth is if those who are coming to our country can provide a skillset or service that will benefit the community in general. By providing a skillset or service that has beneficial to the community they also generate Revenue which increases the tax base. They also "assimilate". Meaning they learn our language and our customs and practice this knowledge in the public Arena. Assimilation does not mean that you throw your culture out the door it simply means that you adapt to and utilize and acknowledge the language and customs of the country in which you now reside. You can assimilate and still require anybody walking through your door only speak the native language of the country from which you come. Your home your rules. Our country our rules.

It apears to where I sit, there are immigration issues. Wanting to throw people out because they were brought here as a child or born here from parents who came for better life not regauarding they are now working and paying taxes like the rest of us. As long as they are law binding citizens they should be given the right to become citizens. They are not taking our good jobs. CEO are paying the professonals green card salary instead of making sure our educational system is equal for all to become professionals if we wish too. Then there would not be a need to hire a green card person just to pay him less.

Because of dump spreading hate and fear.